Visual resistance in feminist health movements, 1969-2009

Print Materials


EveryBody! was influenced by the active printmaking culture of the 1970s, specifically the work of the Chicago Women's Grahics Collective. Their posters hang on the wall of the Chicago Women's Health Center, one of the longest running feminist health centers in the United States. The volunteers that run the health center are dedicated to the ideals of the Women's Health Movement while being aware and responding to the needs of the current world. Working daily in the clinic, they are surrounded by the posters of the Chicago Women's Graphics Collective. These poster archives contibuted to the exhibition:

'Zine Library

The exhibit features a zine library focusing on Riot Grrl zines, in addition to other health related publications and posters from the following sources:

The 'zine library is an integral part of the pedagogical structure of the EveryBody! exhibition. The process of learning information and sharing with others through self-publishing was an empowering part of the Women's Health Movement, from Our Bodies, Our Selves to A New View of A Woman's Body. This tradition continued to be part of feminist health movements into the present day. This 'zine library focuses on Third Wave feminist health movements, also known as "Riot Grrrl." The black and white copied and stapled aesthetic of 'zine culture made space for young women who felt marginalized to discuss body image issues, mental health issues, and reproductive health issues at the same time-sharing their thoughts with a larger audience. Prior to wide spread use of the Internet to self-publish research or personal diaristic writing, 'zine making provided an outlet for self-expression without fear of reprieve.